Beautiful Player A beautiful player experience

The YouPlay video player has been beautifully designed to provide a compelling video experience, across a number of different layouts.

Advertising support Plug-n-play advertising

Plug in your advertising, either IO through our own ad server, or programmatically via VAST, IMA, or VPAID.

Enterprise controls Take control of your video

Ensure you're in control of your video with granular permissions, additive roles, audit logs, and group management.

Run your Network Launch your network

The YouPlay platform has been purpose built for multi-network support. Provide your customers the ability to manage hundreds of sites and content channels.

YouPlay A complete video management platform for all your needs.

We eat our own food!

The YouPlay platform came from an internal need to support a network of publishers, content producers, and advertisers in the Nordic region. Through many years of development, the platform is now mature and competitive – therefore we’re now making it available as a service.

Since YouPlay powers our own Nordic network, you can be sure that the platform will stay in front of industry changes, adapt to browser updates, advance in monetisation strategies, and of course – receive regular updates.

YouPlay Player

A very fast video player with support for live streams, playlists, related content, and many formats to showcase your content.

Built-in Advertising

Control your advertising options from within the admin area and know that your adverts will play on matching content when you want it.

Advanced Syndication

Policies allow you to control what content is available to which publishers within your own network.

Professional Live

Advanced live streaming allows you to not only broadcast to a large audience, but also to monetise it.

Advanced Reporting

Dig deep down into your content or publisher performance with real time hourly statistics.

Check the Player

Our service is designed to maximise engagement and revenue, therefore our platform is designed around fasting loading of adverts and content.

Try it out here, see for yourself!

“Very responsive and receptive to needs and suggestions. Stable platform and player!”

Oskar Karlsson Broadcasting Director, NTM AB

“Through this collaboration, we have enriched our offer to the readers with additional video content in a good way.”

Pål Nisja-Wilhelmsen Director of Innovation, Nettavisen