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Build a Network

Support for an entire network, handled easily.

Build a network, become an OVP

YouPlay provides a unique platform that allows you to build out your own network and become an OVP for you own customers. This is possible due to our powerful syndication and permissions system that allows you to not only control your customer’s permissions, but give them permissions to control their own users and customers.

This system allows you to be as permissive or restrictive for your customers as you wish, from controlling advertising for them, to allowing them to control it themselves. Scale up to thousands of customers and sub-customers to provide a holistic platform.

Granular Permissions

With role based permissions you can create granular permissions to your users. Ranging from single user read only access to a single property, through giving your customers permissions to manage their own users and create their own properties for them.

Syndication Policies

Syndication means that your customers can share content with each other and create a true network. If you know another YouPlay network, you can also opt to collaborate and syndicate between them.

Revenue Support

If you wish to monetise across your publishers and content providers, by utilising our adTEN video ad server, we can automatically handle revenue sharing for your network.