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Simple pricing based on upload and download hours.


Perfect for single sites & communities.

295 Euro


A workspace with everything
you need for video management.

800 upload minutes
12,000 storage minutes
80,000 viewing minutes


Multiple companies, hundreds of sites.

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Three workspaces with management
access controls & reporting. 

3,000 upload minutes
72,000 storage minutes
840,000 viewing minutes


Enterprise and network level OVP.

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Full flexibility to operate an enterprise or
network of any size and complexity.

Custom limits
Bulk discounts
Support packages

What are workspaces?

Workspaces are a higher level of managing your account, it does not pertain to a site. You can have many sites under one workspace and how you organise them is up to you, however – workspaces allow you to isolate resources better if you want to have multiple accounts or sites that should be isolated from one another.

The number of workspaces available also relates to the number of concurrent live stream channels you have available.

Hours vs Gigabytes

From working with our customers, we have found that working in hours is much more relatable than working in gigabytes and terabytes. This is because it’s hard to predict what technical quality your content is uploaded or viewed in.

If you have high volume, require your own CDN, or other considerations – we’re open to discussing alternatives.

What's always included?

Everything you need to work with video, live streams, and monetisation.

  Video Player

Create as many players as you wish to isolate statistics and content, all players support many formats, advertising, live streaming, statistics, playlists, recommendations, and much more.


Create a hierarchy of advertising tags on the content or publisher side of the tree, monitor advertising performance and frequency settings. Our player will make sure your adverts are played in the right place at the right time.

  Live streaming

Professional live streaming allows you to broadcast for as long as you want only limited by your video upload allowance. Insert time synced adverts, recording gates, and syndicate your live streams across your network.

  User Management

Manage your own users and permissions with our role policy system, grant access to everything, or only read access to a single site. Our permission system is advanced as it is flexible and allows you to bulk update permissions to better manage your own accounts within the platform.


Statistics are important to understand how your content is performing and how it is being played, therefore statistics are always included. Statistics are per content title and player, allowing you to isolate statistics in a way that makes sense to you.


Whenever you upload video or live stream, we will transcode all input material to multiple renditions and ensure smooth playback on all players. We accept virtually all video media and handle all of the complexities to ensure your content looks great and plays well.