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Effortless advertising built in.

Reliable Advertising

You control the advert settings such as frequency, position, and ad tags via the administration area, the YouPlay platform handles the rest. Be sure that your adverts are rendering correctly at the right time and are well presented to visitors all from within the same player that shows your content.


Get started simply and easily, all advertising settings such as frequency and position are controlled from within the administration area. Set your advertising tags on any of the hierarchy levels (organisation wide, publishers, content providers) to provide catch-alls or granular (content, players) options for more specific advertising.

Set local advertising tags for content owned by the publisher it is being played on.

AdTEN Video Ads

Power up with our AdTEN video advert server which allows you to mix YouPlay parameters (program, publisher, player) together with a whole mix of other targeting options. For example, you might want to target certain content programs with visitors in a city in England regardless of publisher to provide local sponsored advertising.

Additionally YouPlay works with AdTEN to automatically calculate your revenue for each content provider and publisher, down to the granular level to see which video on which site earned the most revenue.