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YouPlay Player

A white label full featured player.

Fast Playback

The YouPlay Player, combined with the YouPlay Platform and Akamai Network ensures that your content starts fast every time. Fast disruption-free playback is required to fully engage your audience and monetise your content.

With our player supported in all major browsers, you can rely on us to render your content reliably.

Many Formats Available

We offer many formats and variations so that you can show your content in the space you have available for it. This might range from our full page main player that allows you to create your own media portal, to a small ticker display to show your latest titles.

With autoplay, playlists, recommendations, floating, and more – show your content in the way that fits you best and drives engagement.

Advertising Built-in

Bring your favourite ad platform or use our own video advert server to match which adverts to play with what content at the content, publisher, or player level. Easily control the frequency of adverts to maximise your revenue.

No editing of your embed codes, control all changes from within our centralised administration area where you can also view your advert performance.

Metrics & Reporting

We capture metrics for your content and player and are always available within the reporting area within 2 minutes, allowing you to stay on top of your content performance. We offer an extensive statistics portal that allows you to drill down and cross examine performance.

Create multiple players to further divide up your data. Want to bring your own analytics? That can be done too!

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Playback support

Video formats: MP4, WebM, MPEG
Live formats: ABR – HLS, CMAF
Audio formats: MP3, AAC
Resolution: 1080 standard, up to 4K*
Advertising: VAST 2-4.2, IMA, VPAID2

Native support

Fast loading and video start up time
Living playlists with a professional look
Seamless pay-per-view experience
Live broadcasts and instant replays
Player as a site or media portal

Extra support

Plug in your own analytics service
We provide per content per player statistics
Ability to perform A/B tests with content and settings
A full platform behind the player with many more features to ensure your playback experience is well executed.